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  • Jonathan Emord

The Significance of Buta Biberaj’s Defeat for Tim Kaine

The media overlooked the significance of an important Democrat loss in Northern Virginia on November 7: Soros-backed incumbent Buta Biberaj’s defeat by Republican Bob Anderson for Commonwealth’s Attorney. In her campaigns for that office, Biberaj received $926,056 from Soros’s Justice and Public Safety PAC. By contrast, Bob Anderson raised only $69,000. Despite Biberaj’s funding and advertising advantage, a majority of the Loudoun County electorate rejected her along with her anti-incarceration, defund the police, and open borders agendas. Another Soros-backed candidate who is aligned with Soros, Senator Tim Kaine, may experience a similar fate in Loudoun County in 2024 when the public learns of his alliances.

A radical leftist, Biberaj refused to comply with the legal duties of her office. She instead served her primary benefactors’ mission in the same way some 75 other Soros-backed prosecutors have done nationwide. Through word and deed Biberaj opposed law enforcement, refused to prosecute crime, favored leniency for perpetrators, and harbored bias against victims.

She caused upheaval in the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s office (leading approximately 19 attorneys to resign). She provoked a decision by Circuit Judge James E. Plowman to remove her from the disorderly conduct case she imprudently brought against Scott Smith, the father of a daughter raped in a girl’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School by a boy who identified as female. The Virginia Supreme Court reversed on a technicality, but Plowman’s finding that Biberaj was biased against Smith resonated with the bar, including those who formerly worked for Biberaj.

Convicted of disorderly conduct, Scott was pardoned by Governor Youngkin. The rapist was not expelled from the school system but was placed in another school, Broad Run High School, where he promptly committed a sexual assault against another girl.

In voting Biberaj out and Anderson in, Loudoun County voters expressed opposition to Biberaj’s Soros-backed agenda. While a majority voted for a slate of leftists for House of Delegates, state Senate, and school board, they could not vote for Biberaj.

Senator Tim Kaine invites treatment at the polls comparable to Biberaj. Since Mayor of Richmond 25 years ago, Kaine has received backing from the Soros family. He is a personal favorite of Alex Soros. During the Clinton-Kaine campaign, Alex and Kaine appear in a photo grinning. Alex posted the photo on his Instagram page and writes: “Love this man! Was great to have dinner with a man we need to call one day #vicepresident @timkaine last night! He is definitely the real deal! #clintonkaine2016 #strongertogether 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.”

On the issues most important to Soros, Kaine has avoided urgently needed action to protect Virginians from the awful consequences of open borders, police defunding, and anti-incarceration. He has done nothing to stem the flow of illegals into the United States and of fentanyl, which takes the lives on average of 5 Virginians a day. He has stated no opposition to President Biden’s open border policies, even lauding DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as “doing a great job.” He has introduced not a single bill to block illegal entry by drug traffickers, sex traffickers, gangs, and terrorists. He has done nothing to prevent defunding the police. He has done nothing to ensure that radical BLM and Antifa activists who commit crimes against persons and property, who rob, lute, and burn, are brought to justice. He has done nothing to make Soros-backed prosecutors account for their law violation, Hobbs’ Act violations (receipt of campaign funds in exchange for criminal refusal to prosecute crime), or refusals to prosecute.

In his book "Open Society Reforming Global Capitalism," Soros condemns national sovereignty. He rejects a separate, autonomous, and sovereign United States, writing that the “main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” The “main enemy” to Soros’s “open society” or global system of governance is not communism but capitalism, particularly American capitalism. He seeks a “global system of political decision making” to which all nations must subordinate themselves. He is the quintessential globalist. Not one to tolerate opposition, George Soros and his son Alex love Tim Kaine, and the feeling appears mutual. Former Democrat National Committee Chair (2009-2011), Kaine is profoundly aware of Soros’s financial importance to Democratic candidates and his party. Although Soros donates tens of millions to Democrats through numerous PACs, he also personally donated $140 million to Democrat candidates and campaigns in 2022 alone.

Timidity in the face of evil is complicity. Kaine is complicit in Soros’s evil. Kaine will never champion legislation to ensure secure borders. He will never champion legislation to ensure jurisdictions do not defund the police despite escalating crime. He will never champion legislation to hold accountable the 75 Soros-backed prosecutors who let criminals go back on the streets. He will not do so because he, his fellow Democrats, and the Democrat Party depend so heavily on Soros funding. He is a bought man.

This article was written on Nov 9, 2023, and published on Townhall.

Jonathan Emord is a leading constitutional law and litigation expert, the author of five critically acclaimed books, and a Candidate for the US Senate.


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