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Get to Know 
Jonathan Emord

For the past 37 years, Jonathan W. Emord has litigated against the federal bureaucracy, winning over and over again.  Ron Paul calls Jonathan “an expert in constitutional theory and history” and “an expert litigator with a long string of legal victories over the federal bureaucracy.”  George Noory calls him “a Knight in Shining Armor” and “a warrior out to save our rights.”  Congressmen Dan Burton and John Doolittle describe him as “an intellectual warrior for the rights and freedoms of people in America.”  Jonathan has a unique, detailed knowledge of the federal bureaucracy, the deep state.  He knows how to defeat it.

Jonathan graduated from the University of Illinois (BA, political science and history, 1982) and DePaul University College of Law (JD, 1985).  He served as an attorney in the Federal Communications Commission during the Reagan administration. A leading constitutional law and litigation expert, he is the author of five critically acclaimed books.  He has won more cases against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court than any other attorney in American history, earning him the nickname “FDA Dragon Slayer.”  He is a columnist for, PJ,, and the U.S.A. Today Magazine.  He frequently appears on national radio and television programs.  He is married to Sheryl Emord, and they have two children, twins Justice and Angelica.  They reside in Clifton, Virginia.

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