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Clifton, VA--Veteran constitutional and administrative attorney Jonathan Emord announced today he has entered the race for U.S. Senate in 2024. Here are his remarks at the start of his senatorial campaign:

Today, I am announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate. Everywhere in the Commonwealth, we see an outpouring of support for major change, for a restoration of freedom and progress. Virginians blame this President and his leaders in Congress, including Senator Tim Kaine, for skyrocketing inflation, high gas prices, the crime epidemic, schools that indoctrinate and transition rather than educate, the illegal alien invasion through our unguarded Southern border, fentanyl across the border killing 2,000 Virginians last year, and a woke transformation of the military that is sacrificing readiness and troop strength.

Those misguided policies have cost American lives, impoverished Virginians, robbed seniors of retirement, and ruined generations of youth. They must not only be stopped. They must be reversed.

Biden and Kaine are deaf to the pleas of hard-working Americans, but I hear them. Our agenda is the opposite of the Biden/Kaine agenda. Ours is dedicated to freedom and progress. There is no limit to what Americans can achieve, so long as they are free. It’s time to liberate free enterprise and eliminate government overreach. It’s time to end the mandates and restore schools to the status of wholesome and safe environments for the education of our children. It’s time to interdict the cartels and secure our borders. It’s time to build an American future where children are confident that they will succeed regardless of race, where opportunity abounds, and where the world yet again understands that freedom and prosperity are synonymous with the words United States of America.

As your United States Senator, I will not rest until individual rights are fully protected and economic growth and progress is assured. The 2024 election is pivotal. We will either rise from the socialist abyss into which Biden and Kaine have put us, or we will wallow in that abyss, experiencing the misery of increasing enslavement to the demands of big and unbounded government.

To eliminate inflation and restore prosperity and growth, we will cut federal spending, cut regulation, and cut corporate and individual taxes. We will restore defense of individual liberty to the constitutional heart of the federal government, as the Founding Fathers intended. The gargantuan government Biden and Kaine have created is inept, corrupt, oppressive, and abusive. Rather than trust in that monstrosity, we will trust in each free American to chart his or her own course without government impediments. We will trust in individual initiative, free enterprise, freedom of choice, and private sector growth.

Let all Virginians come together under the banner of my campaign to save our state and nation from ruin, particularly for the sake of our children. They must not grow up in fear of crime because Soros-backed prosecutors and Soros-backed politicians like Biden and Kaine support or permit an anti-incarceration agenda where criminals are left on the streets. They must not grow up thinking that the greatest bastion of liberty on earth is hopelessly and irredeemably racist and gives them no future of opportunity and no chance of prosperity. Those are horrendous lies.

They must understand that ours is a nation that overcame racism and segregation in the Civil Rights Era and has an unwavering commitment to individual liberty without regard to race. They must understand that freedom and progress, from the roots of America in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence to the present, define what it means to be American, not slavish adherence to government mandates.

Economy. To end inflation, he will cut government spending, cut regulation, and encourage economic growth through corporate and individual tax reductions.

Crime. To end the crime epidemic, we will require that federal criminal charges be brought under the RICO and obstruction of justice statutes against prosecutors who have conspired with funding sources to engage in systemic refusal to prosecute crime, obstruct justice, or violate the civil rights of victims.

Education. We must make our schools safe again, places of education and decency, not indoctrination and decadence. We will end CRT racism and transitioning by cutting off federal funding to every school engaged in those acts of child abuse in violation of the Constitution and laws of the United States. I will make it a federal crime to aid or cause the transitioning of anyone under the age of 18. We will audit the schools to discover instances of racism, segregation, and abuse, and we will ensure that schools guilty of those offenses lose federal funding and that those responsible are prosecuted and removed. No child of color must ever think he or she cannot succeed in America, and no white child must ever think that he or she is responsible for oppressing others solely based on his or her skin color. Racism and segregation have no place in America and must end. We must encourage our children to appreciate that in America no achievement is beyond any child’s reach and every obstacle can be overcome.

Border Security. We will secure our Southern border by restoring the remain in Mexico policy, building the wall, and establishing a combined federal CBP and state border protection force that will arrest, incarcerate, and eject all who enter our country illegally. We will move asylum processing outside the United States to each American embassy, eliminating the basis for surging the border. We will employ the U.S. military to interdict and defeat the criminal terrorist cartels that Biden and Kaine have allowed to take control of American immigration policy.

Vax Mandates. We will end the mandates. Never again will we allow Presidents and Governors to rule like dictators and violate the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of the people by coercing them to wear masks, ‘remain in place,’ be vaccinated, or lose their jobs, houses of worship, and places of entertainment. Biden and Kaine sanctioned those rights violations. We will not. The Constitution contains no provision for suspending the rights of Americans when viruses are present.

President Biden, Democrat leaders in Congress, Tim Kaine among them, have pursued a socialist agenda, endeavoring to replace individual liberty, freedom of choice, and free enterprise with government planning, government mandates, inflationary spending, and regulatory burdens on the private sector so great as to invite economic collapse.

We will end that march toward socialism and ruin, restore the republic, unleash the mighty engine of free enterprise, achieve economic growth, and ensure for ourselves and our posterity the full blessings of liberty. I believe the people of Virginia and of America will not give up on the American dream, will not concede to socialism, and will not abandon their children to a perilous future.

We will overcome all obstacles to freedom and progress. The greatest days for Virginia and America are yet to come.

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Jan 31, 2023

Thank you sir!

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