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  • Jonathan Emord

Parents’ Guide to Countering Woke School Indoctrination

Public schools have become indoctrination centers. Many parents panic at the start of the school year because their children, nurtured to have essential values, ethics, respect for others, and belief in God, will be bombarded with woke indoctrination, including transgender ideology, sexualization, Critical Race Theory, and anti-American historical revisionism. Here is a guide to help parents deprogram children before, and throughout, the school year.

Your child may well be told without your knowledge or consent that his or her gender is fluid, changeable at will. That indoctrination is false, against basic biology. It is also child abuse (separating children from their birth genders through psychological manipulation).

You, of course, ordinarily know if your child is a boy or a girl.

To protect your child from being misled into believing the falsehood that genders are fluid, you need to explain the fact that genders are determined at birth and are immutable and that efforts to change them through surgery and drugs never do change gender but do cause permanent, irreparable injuries.

You need to explain that if teachers say genders are fluid, they are lying. You need to invite your child to tell you whenever a teacher says anything about gender, so you can disabuse them of gender falsehoods.

You may well need to remove your child from public school to prevent irreparable psychological harm stemming from gender fluidity falsehoods.

Your child may well be introduced to sex prematurely again without your knowledge or consent.

Your preschool or elementary school child may be given access to pornography, including through school libraries; be invited to watch sexually explicit school-sponsored drag shows; or be invited to hear the sexual experiences of teachers or others.

That sexualization of innocent children is child abuse. It is also a form of grooming. It is criminal in nature.

It should be the subject of prosecution. It is in flagrant disregard of parents’ rights.

It destroys childhood innocence, attacks morals and family values, undermines the nuclear family, and is an offense against the religions of most believers.

You need to warn your child to alert you about any discussions of sex at school and to any attempts to make pornography available. You need to take action to prevent your child from being sexually victimized, even if that means removing your child from school. This form of psychological abuse can psychologically scar your child forever.

Your child may well be told the lie that America is systemically racist. Your child may be categorized, stigmatized, and treated differently based on race.

CRT racism violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. It segregates and stigmatizes the races, falsely depicts race relations, and ignores the success of law and society in overcoming racism.

Your child of color will be told the falsehood that he or she can never succeed fully in America because of systemic racism, that he or she will always be an oppressed victim, and that no matter how intelligent, talented, hard-working, or ambitious, he or she will always be held back.

Your child will be told the lie that every white person is an oppressor and will experience “white privilege” (i.e., advantages over people of color at every turn).

These false generalizations will be drummed into your child from pre-school through high school and beyond.

These also are forms of child abuse. As parents, we must diligently fight against them. We must never let anyone extinguish the hopes and dreams of America’s children.

We must inform every child regardless of race that America is a land of opportunity, that racial discrimination is illegal, and that only a fool views character as defined by skin color. We must educate our children of their inherent worth, of their rights, of the laws that protect their rights, and of the evils of racism, particularly institutionalized racism like CRT.

Your child may well be told beginning in preschool that the true origin of the United States is not the Declaration of Independence in 1776 but the arrival of 20 black indentured servants to the Jamestown Colony in 1619 (i.e., not in liberty but in slavery and racism).

Jamestown Colony was a colony of the Crown of England, 156 years before there even was a United States.

Invariably this historical revisionism leads to the false conclusion that America is an irredeemably racist country rather than a great nation--uniquely founded on principles of individual liberty--that has struggled even in civil war to cause that liberty to become the birthright of all citizens.

Because our public schools have largely become indoctrination centers, parents must engage in constant effort to ensure that each child is not hopelessly misled into becoming cultural Marxists, and revolutionaries against our republic, through school propaganda that strips children of respect for themselves, for their school mates, for their parents, for the free enterprise system, and for our constitutional republic.

This article was written on August 16, 2023, and published on Townhall.


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