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Emord Wins Loudoun County Straw Poll

US Senate Candidate Emord Wins Virginia Straw Poll by Triple Digits in First Major Primary Test

FAIRFAX, VA, June 3, 2023 - Jonathan W. Emord, a top-ranked DC-based constitutional attorney, author of a pathbreaking best-selling book, THE AUTHORITARIANS, official candidate for the United States Senate for the Commonwealth of Virginia, won 61% of the vote last evening, June 2, in Virginia’s first straw poll to test primary candidates, the Loudoun County Republican Committee’s Virginia Straw Poll. In a field comprised of 8 candidates, Emord won 144 votes with the second closest party winning only 41 votes.

Last night’s victory for Emord in the race to remove Tim Kaine is a testament to his powerful base of grassroots support and his commitment to restoring the republic, ending woke indoctrination in the schools and military, securing the borders, and reversing the rise of socialism, inflation, and tyranny. Every vote for Jonathan Emord is a resounding stand against everything threatening our state, country, and values.

Jonathan appears frequently on Washington Times, Real America News’ Securing America, Sirius XM Wilkow Majority, Salem Radio, 990 AM with Chris Stigall, Cumulus Radio’s WMAL, DC’s Top Conservative radio, the Joe Thomas Show on WCHV, Charlottesville, TNT Radio, and the Power Hour.

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Jun 05, 2023

In regards to the recent statewide ordinance that has passed into law, what is the candidates position on organized labor negotiating union contracts?

Conservative union member asking.

Thank you

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